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06 January 2007 @ 10:51 am
offers on houses  
I apologize for going all week without an update.

On Saturday morning here though I want to mention that another offer was made on that little house I mentioned in West Carrollton the same day I made one.

This other offer was higher than mine and it was accepted.

But, I just discovered this other house which is even closer to my job:

It's nice and small also, and the yard is tiny too (no grass to mow).

It is in the downtown Miamisburg historic district. Miamisburg has the second largest downtown in Montgomery County, after Dayton, so it's served by bus lines and has lots of stores and restaurants.

This house is especially close to Loveland, as well as to my job, and it's closer to my garage and planned garden space in Camden. And, it's much closer to Columbus and to my land on the Scioto River than Camden is because it's in a Dayton suburb. (It's only about 80 miles from Grove City, but still not as short as the 68 miles from Grove City when I lived in downtown Dayton a few months ago.)

But I have to mention what's really exciting about the little house pictured above. -That grassy ridge visible behind it is the constantly-expanding Dayton bike trail network. And, just below the bike trail is the Great Miami River. And, this house is the last one on the street before it gets too close to the levee for any more houses. So, there is nothing but river and bike trail on two sides. And, the riverfront right here is one of my favorite places in Dayton, right across from the nice boat ramp where I used to picnic and hovercraft, and just down the street from where I took my Ramblers to the monthly downtown Miamisburg car shows every summer.

I'll make sure I keep this journal updated about how it goes with this little house, because I think I'll make an offer on it.