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25 March 2011 @ 09:07 pm
what happened before the exhausting trip to Ohio  
(NOTE: If there are problems with this entry, especially the pics, see the two entries below for a probable explanation.)

Not much happened between March 3rd (the last normal entry) and my trip to Ohio, which began on Friday, March 11th.

However, I did clear the water weeds away from two spots on either side of the little 180-foot by 20-foot island in Daisy Lake, which is next to the North Shell marina.

I tied up at these spots for a few days, and Ghost was in heaven! How many cats have their very own little island to roam safely and climb the trees on whenever their boat ties up there!?

I took a whole gallery of pictures of "Ghost Island", and of him enjoying it:

Ghost and "Ghost Island" -March 5-7, 2011