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25 March 2011 @ 09:26 pm
the trip to Ohio was long but uneventful  
I need to back up here a minute...
On March 3rd (the last normal entry), there was no mention of the fact that I was thinking of going to Ohio again in March.

I was considering it, and then I suddenly decided to just do it and get the chores there over with.

I left Friday March 11th, and got back here to the boat three days ago (Tuesday, March 22nd).

I hated the trip, because 1100 miles each way is way too far to drive. But I got done what I wanted, and I did enjoy the visits with my friends and family. The other 75% of the 11 days was just a necessary hassle, and not what I want to elaborate on here.

So, I'll just end this entry with the gallery of pictures I took of Ghost at Dad's house in Columbus:

Ghost at Dad's house Saint Patrick's Day, 2011