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11 April 2011 @ 09:10 pm
extreme heat already, thought journal restarted, $42 silver, etc.  
We finally got the first multi-day period of low winds since I got to the North Shell area two months ago. But, it has become hot, with highs reaching about 90 and water temperatures about 80. Tomorrow things should start to moderate but meanwhile I have learned that the silver paint, silver roof, and good insulation of the boat shelter don't really help much when the Florida sun blazes down on the reflective water over dark bottom, and the boat, like it has. It still got up as high as 106 on the weather station above the roof and as high as 94 in the shelter. So yesterday and today I sought as much shade as I could, achieving about 80 percent. That worked. The boat only got up to 90, which was not hotter than the high for the day in Deland. There are three good spots so far that I've found I can park to get this much shade. And as the leaves grow thicker I may get 100 percent shade soon.


I am glad to announce here that I just "revived" the blog that I started over a year ago. I now consider it my "thought journal", and this is my "life journal". I also changed the name slightly: Mike Monett -Thoughts and Ideas.

My life has stabilized, and I need to get things off my chest over there.

My pessimism about the future caused me to put much of my life savings in silver in 2003, when the price was $5 per ounce. It rose dramatically from then to last year. Then, exactly about the time I got to Florida in August, it took off from $18 to $42, which it reached today!

This tells me we really are well into a deep collapse, because when I daydreamed about such prices I could only imagine them happening if things were really getting ugly. I guess that's partly why I felt an urge now to re-start the "thought journal".

Speaking of ugly, that describes what might have caused my inability to upload pictures to Livejournal that I described in recent entries. -It is an international site, with the servers in Russia. It was attacked several times by hackers recently, who were apparently trying to intimidate some critics of Russian government who have journals here. It was a major news story in Russia, especially after the Russian president condemned the hackers. (He has a journal here too.)