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12 January 2007 @ 05:32 pm
getting through winter fine so far  
I'm staying at work here Friday at dusk because tonight I'm going to the vegetarian potluck up in central Dayton at seven.
Then, tomorrow afternoon I'll go visit Dad in Columbus.

I did make an offer on that little house next to the bikeway and the river I just mentioned on January 6th.

But, it will be about January 20th before I know if this is accepted because the VA owns the house now and they are slow bureaucrats.

So, I'm just reading and taking it easy right now after work instead of planning something like I so often do.

If it suddenly gets really cold for a prolonged period, I still might escape from this to Louisiana if things at work are slow enough. Even when it's really busy overall there we get slow periods before projects ramp up. What's nice is that I already know I like it down there because I went last year.

But since the winter's been so warm up here and because I'm really enjoying the "adventure" of learning new methods of simplicity, I haven't felt any urge to go on a trip.

Things are just fine for me right here in Ohio now.