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23 June 2011 @ 12:06 pm
I love being back home now  
I got back to my condo in downtown Dayton Monday afternoon (June 20th) after getting to Columbus Friday afternoon (June 17th). The weekend was pleasant and I enjoyed seeing Dad and Sue and Mark and Kathy and Bill.

I called or visited some friends in Dayton and then yesterday, Tuesday June 22nd I was all settled with my condo mostly all put back together. Ghost is doing very well and loves being back too.

I went for a long walk yesterday down to Riverscape and beyond and saw all the places I love again.

I know it's the city and so it's supposedly not as scenic and nice as the life on the water I just left for awhile. But my joy in being back here is very real -probably because there is all the geometry of the taller buildings and old houses and the hills and steps that weren't there in Florida. There is also all the noise and the voices that are not as natural as the voices of the water birds but I still find them very pleasant now. I know the cooler weather here has something to do with it too because Florida was getting monotonously hot when I left last week. Up here four floors above the river and the park I love my clean white walls and the shiny golden brown wood floors and love the thought of going out on bike or on foot in all the directions the long bike trails go and spending as much time as I want in all the places they lead. Then, when it gets cold again in Ohio I'll miss my boat and the water and beaches again. But for now downtown Dayton on the first days of Summer is wonderful. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last few years: