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07 July 2011 @ 11:33 am
immersed in summertime  
For another year, like they always do at this time, the pleasures of summer outdoors are completely filling my life. I go out early in the morning and am not back in until dusk, and then I usually sleep on the cool balcony after watching the fireflies. I returned from a nice Fourth of July weekend in Columbus Monday night the 4th. This was the second enjoyable weekend in a row there. Now I'll be staying in Dayton until about July 22nd.

I've got my bike, my kayak and my raft all in good shape and now in the garage that we renovated last year. I tested the little carts I made for the kayak and raft to get them the one block across the park from the garage to the river. I am pleased with them. Three rivers join downtown, all with bike trails parallel way out into the county. So there are four directions I can go with the kayak or raft. Upstream I pull the boat behind me on the cart like a toy wagon as I walk on the bike trail. Downstream I paddle in the boat with the cart inside.

I picked large quantities of black raspberries three times, twice in the spots east of Jamestown toward Columbus that I first described in this journal in 2009. The third picking was done on the bike trail just east of Trotwood.

I want to forage for blackberries and green apples next. The blackberries are always just after the black raspberries. I also want to find and record on maps some more good spots for berries and apple trees that I haven't yet discovered.

I'll try to stop all this summer fun long enough to write on this journal often enough. It's always hard because I get so immersed in summertime outdoors I tend to forget all about my computer, my money, and even things going on in the news.