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18 July 2011 @ 04:21 pm
hot mid-July  
I need to stop and summarize the past week and a half before I get too busy. I am resting today because I have a deal with a buyer for my garage in Camden so tomorrow I will rent a pickup truck to bring whatever is still there here to Dayton. I am also going to hitch a tow dolly to the truck to get my gold 1960 Rambler from Camden.

I will need to be careful I don't get too hot because since last week we are into a typical mid-summer heat wave. Tomorrow there is a 50 percent chance of rain though which will help but it also might turn severe. I can always spend really hot days by biking to my hidden, scenic gravel swimming beach on the Stillwater River just north of downtown that I've been visiting since 2005. But when I'm stuck here at the condo I just spend all day in my swimming shorts, fill the bathtub with a few inches of cool water and take a dip about once an hour. It is so much better than sealing the place up and wasting energy on air conditioning like everybody else does.

Ghost just stretches out really long on the cool metal or glass tabletops and waits until it cools off before getting active. I know he is holding up well because in the cool mornings he has been playing hide and seek and other games:

I decided I have to get a new bike finally after twenty years. My fairly new motorized folding bike is now in Florida where I want to keep it. The bike trails here are now so long that to fully take advantage of them I need to be able to stay comfortable for as much as ten hours or more of biking. The skinny seat and other ergonomics of my beat-up 26-inch mountain bike are only comfortable for a few hours. I would really like to try a "recumbent" bike but they are way too expensive and are not stocked in stores so you have to special order one usually. So yesterday I just went to Wal Mart and bought a cheap 24-inch 18-speed mountain bike, and got an extra-wide seat for it. The 24 inch size really makes a difference I think because I am not really tall enough for the 26 inch. Time will tell if I can count on it to be comfortable for a full long day of riding.

Speaking of the bike trails, I did a major forage along the one just northwest of Brookville. I got two big bagfuls of wild garlic "scapes" over a wide stretch of the former railroad now bikeway. These look like bright white pointy teardrops and are very easy to pick. I take about half of what I find and leave the rest to drop seeds for next year. I peel the white skin and drop the purple seeds into some water and boil for about five minutes. This removes the hot onion bite and softens them a little. Then I preserve them in a pickle juice I make from clear vinegar, salt, chopped dill, and a little bit of spices. I now have about eight of these jars, about a pint each:

They are delicious to snack on and they taste like they have lots of starch and protein.

Another thing coming up now is my nephew's wedding in Columbus on July 23rd (this coming Saturday). So I'm glad I did this update now before I get all wrapped up in everything else.