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30 July 2011 @ 01:09 pm
The long-range forecast for July was wrong  
I'm glad I came back to Ohio because I have more options to get relief from the heat here than down there. But I was hoping the NOAA forecast for a normal or cooler summer here would prove to be correct. It looks like it was wrong. It has been as hot here in July as it has been in Florida, and it looks like it will stay that way at least until the middle of August. Florida has had a normal July but Ohio has had a much hotter than normal one. Oh well, at least I enjoyed the last week and a half of June in Ohio.

The good news though is we got well over a half inch of rain in Dayton last night, and this had made this morning very pleasant. This is the most rain we had since July 11th.

I was swimming and wading at the secluded gravel beach on the Stillwater River just north of downtown when the thunder began to rumble, so I headed home on the bike trail just in time to hide at Riverscape from the downpours and the 40 mile per hour gusts. I locked my bike and squeezed in under the new Pavilion with all the people there enjoying the Celtic Fest. Everyone was happy for the coolness after the rain stopped and the music and dancing resumed. I took some pictures, including this one:

I want to learn as much as I can about surviving heat anyway, because the weather is going to be crazy for the rest of my life and because I expect energy costs to skyrocket. For 33 years, I spent at least five hot middays out of seven in air conditioning because I worked in offices all those years. In the 1970s, the last time I spent a whole summer never exposed to air conditioning, America was a different place where AC was considered optional. But I was too young to learn fully how adults stayed comfortable the old fashioned ways.

I am pleased with the solutions I am discovering. For example, I get a bag of ice from the little store on the corner about noon when it starts to get uncomfortable, put it in a rectangular tub with a lid, and put this in the corner of the closet where Ghost likes to sleep. He lies next to it then all afternoon and is comfortable until evening, because the ice doesn't fully melt until after dark. Now, when he sees me bring in a bag of ice, he perks up and wags his tail, and licks the ice while I put it in the tub for him.

When I go out I must wear a shirt, but at these humidities it will be soaked and nasty in just an hour or two. That just means I need to take extra shirts. At the end of every day, I wash them in the kitchen sink, hang them near a window, and in the morning they are dry.

When I can't wade at my secret shady beach on the river because I need to stay at the condo for some reason, the key is staying wet, either by frequent short cold showers, by constant washing with a slightly soapy sponge, or by hopping in the cool tub in my swimming shorts.

Finally, fan's really work, and they don't need to be big. My little two-speed fan from Walgreens keeps my whole upper body cool and only uses 11 or 15 watts.


I made an appointment at a urologist in Kettering for August 12th.

Very gradually over several years, I have been developing symptoms that I haven't really noticed much until the past year or so. These symptoms strongly suggest that I have an enlarged prostate. I tried to not worry about it because I heard that fifty percent of men my age have the problem and eighty percent of men age seventy have it. But then this weekend it got really bad (some bleeding, and some acute pains). I got scared and almost panicky. But I now think the worsening was just because I had a hectic routine where I spent all last week emptying my garage in Camden, rushing to Eaton to close on the sale on Friday, then rushing to Columbus for Max's wedding, and not eating or resting normally the whole time.

I'm lucky I got the 1960 Rambler here to the renovated garage at my condo safely! When I went to un-hook it from the tow dolly behind the U-Haul truck, I found the wheel straps had completely worked loose. If there would have been any bumps on the highways the wheels would have slid off the platform.

With everything else going on, it's amazing I never talked about the garage in Camden until now. Well, it all happened quickly. -The realtor called me and said it was sold, but then asked if we could have the sale wrapped up in less than a week.

Now I can decide what to do with my Rambler, now that it's here in Dayton. If the weather cools off, I would enjoy taking it to some cruise-ins like I used to do. Or, maybe I should consider an idea that is really not wacky at all now that I have a boat and a waterfront acre on the river in Florida: trade the restored Rambler for a restored Amphicar!:

I could keep it next to my little houseboat, When I want to go into downtown Deland, I'd drive through the river to the nearby boat ramp and then travel like a normal car from there.