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06 October 2011 @ 03:45 pm
health suddenly better than ever, shifting to other things  
I've had a very nice, tranquil summer since I got back to Ohio in late June. The tranquility meant I did not have much to write about here, which is fine with me. The big exception was the bladder appointments and examinations and procedures. The aftermath of the September 20th biopsy was especially scary even though I got the wonderful news that the spot is not cancer. And just a few days ago, on Saturday, well over a week after the biopsy I had another terrible day because I experienced heavy bleeding. This seems to really be over for good today, and I have an appointment, which I hope can be my last, in six days, on October 12th.

What is pleasantly odd about all of this is that the ORIGINAL SYMPTOMS that forced me to seek help have disappeared. Yesterday I was very active all day but I probably felt better "down there" than I have in over ten years! My theory is that since I never paid any attention to that part of my body, it demanded respect by flaring up. Since I am now trying to take good care of it through optimal diet and lower stress, it is calming down.

Meanwhile, as this journal approaches it's fifth anniversary this month, very important things have begun happening, things that I've been waiting a very long time for. Since March of 2010, I've had a separate blog to discuss the kinds of matters I am talking about. I just added an update there that is important enough for me to link to from here:

My "blog" -October 6, 2011