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27 October 2011 @ 06:29 am
Getting back to Florida -I needed to set a date so here it is  
Once again, my life has completely changed this month. How frequently can this happen within just a few years without me forgetting who I am? It is hard to keep the present integrated with the past.

Just in October, 2011, I have met and now know by name more people than in my entire previous life! (Part of that of course is due to the fact that I've always been shy, and that I've chosen to live a very austere life in recent years.)

So I now have a beautiful dilemma...

I need to return to a paradise I just made, but I will miss all of these new friends while I am gone.

I really do have no choice, though. The paradise really was finally the solution to the winter depression that I've suffered all of my life. Last winter on the solar boat worked incredibly well. I must continue doing this. And once I get back to the river, I need to make a little mooring by that land I bought, and put a gazebo in the woods there.

I perfected full phone and internet access out on the water before I came back to Ohio, so I will still be able to interact with everybody. I will keep telling myself this as I pass into November and then approach the day I need to drive away.

-I just picked a date at random...Thursday, November 17th.