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19 November 2011 @ 04:08 am
Day 2 -return to Florida -2011  
I began the second day on the road, Friday, November 18th, before dawn. I drove from the Travel Plaza at Beckley, West Virginia south until I turned east to head in the direction of Roanoake, Virginia. I stopped for breakfast here, at the Alta Station diner:

I had stewed apples with cinnamon, pancakes, and orange juice.

Just south of Roanoake, I got on my original favorite American road, the Blue Ridge Parkway, which I followed for about eighty miles:

Here are two pictures I took from some of the many scenic overlooks:

Just before the Friday-afternoon rush hour, I arrived at Charlotte, North Carolina, where I drove into downtown, and found Occupy Charlotte. I described that fascinating experience here:

A Fun Day For a Daytonian at Occupy Charlotte