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30 November 2011 @ 05:51 am
This is just one life continuing  

I have been back to Florida now for ten days, and I said that about this time I would probably be choosing from one of two directions to follow while I am here until Spring.

I thought, that my one unusually simple life, in Dayton, where, in September, I was even ready to die, had become two, in October.

But, I went nowhere to find anything in October. I just woke up in my condo and looked across the river like I'd done for over four years and suddenly there was just more there, and everything was just new.

Now on this other river I will also not go out to find anything.

Orlando is not Dayton. It is not across the river from me now, but instead it is over thirty miles away. I don't know the place or any of the people.

I may change my mind and I might be wrong but I think I need to continue my focus on what is right in front of me here and now. Dayton is part of that because I love it, so it is part of the here and now, just the inside my head version. As for the outside version, if it is just the spooky owls at night like now and the water and sun and the swimming at the State Park or the ocean at Daytona in the daytime, well, I know and love those already. There is nothing to go find.

I have something most people just dream of -the ability to wake up and let each day just unfold. In Dayton, an awakening of the people I had anticipated and many new friends became a part of that.

Down here I want to just watch each day unfold too. The windy time lasted forty hours but it is gone. At dawn I'll just leave this new little harbor and face my panels into the sun and then just see where it goes.