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18 December 2011 @ 09:27 am
settled in -but the tree pollen has struck  
It has continued to be very pleasant here in Florida, totally different from a year ago when everything was parched and then bitterly cold.

I decided on a routine, based on my budget and on my effort to keep the improvement of my health ongoing.

I will try to swim at the warm spring-fed pool at DeLeon Springs four times per week. I will just eat the local grapefruits and oranges when I'm hungry but every day I will have one real meal -at the salad bar at Brickhouse downtown. That is all local food too, but only because this happens to be Florida where all that grows in the winter. I've been doing this diet now for a week and never feel hungry unless I forget to eat enough at the salad bar (two plates).

Yesterday I was downtown and felt fantastic while I was enjoying the car show, which I made an album for:

downtown Deland Cruise-In

Then as soon as I returned to the waterside with all the deciduous trees (I call them "Ohio" trees), it was obvious what I've been suspecting is true -the "Ohio" trees are pollinating now, and with a vengeance!

I was hoping this would wait until New Years, like last year, but apparently it held off then because it was so cold.

I have to take this very seriously. Even though tree pollen allergies have been the curse of my life, last year in Florida was the worst bout I ever had. (And I wrote about it in this journal.) This morning my eyes are red and puffy and my sinuses are clogged after a rough night of extreme itchy eyes and sneezing.

It's good to go through the pollination now and return to Ohio just after it ends up there in March, but there is a fantastic oportunity here to avoid it almost entirely...

Why was I fine downtown and then miserable back on the water?

-Because the trees in town are all palms and evergreens and the hardwood swamp forest is limited to the Saint John's River basin here where the boat is.

So I just now decided to stay away from the river except at night, and to close up the boat door while I sleep. This will mean pulling into the marina every sunrise and leaving the boat there until dusk and spending all the daylight hours in town.

But I'll still go to the park to swim. And I can sit at the coffee shop or the little tables at the city park when I want to do some reading or writing on the computer. If it rains I can do my e-mail and internet at the library where there are lots of tables.

And then if some of the pollen from the river still blows in and my eyes start itching again, I'll hop on the transit line and spend the day on the beach at Daytona. The water there is becoming too chilly to swim in without a wetsuit, but there are no "Ohio" trees anywhere near that ocean so I should still have a great time.

So there -I have a plan! I'm going to pull into the marina now this bright Sunday morning, let the cat out to play all day, put all my stuff in the car, and go into downtown Deland for the first day of the plan. It will be interesting to see how quickly my eyes and sinuses clear up.