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25 March 2012 @ 06:24 pm
I set my return to Ohio for mid-April  
Wow -I need to update my journal again! Nothing really exciting has been going on with my life down here in Florida, just almost another month of beautiful days.

And I do use Facebook now somewhat so I have stayed in touch with that.

The weather up north has been ridiculously warm for March. That and a few other considerations made me decide to stay here in Florida until around April 15th.

I am typing this on the Android at the swimming area at DeLeon Springs. I am beginning to miss the "luxury" of using my full-size notebook computer in a room with a real table and chair. (The power-supply does not work well on my solar boat, and my table and chair there are small.) Tomorrow I will begin a new habit for when I am in Florida -on the days I don't swim, I will go to the Deland Public Library for an hour or two and take my notebook PC. It will be nice to use it more again. And, I'll be more likely to not go so long again without updating my journal.

If you are in Ohio and reading this, I miss you, and I am glad I'll be back up there in about three weeks.