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15 May 2012 @ 10:33 pm
back in Ohio now for over a week  
I am back to keeping my journal updated regularly again now starting tonight.

I know back on March 24th I said I'd be back in Ohio about April 15th, not May 4th. But I kept in touch with everyone via Facebook or other means so they all knew about the delay and rescheduling. The main cause was that I contacted the Florida EPA on March 30th about my wetland. I didn't meet with them until early April, and then we agreed I would change some things I did wrong when I made the shore accessible to my boats.

I had a lot of other stuff going on too.

If I have another month like April, when my life was wrapped up with other people, well maybe I'll lapse again, because it is not proper to write about other people here because this is about my private life, not my social life.

I felt great when I got back, first in Columbus, on Saturday, May 4th. But the next night I caught a terrible cold, one that I'm still feeling a bit of now after nine days.

The weather has been beautiful, and normal for May.

I really want to focus on the transformation of my diet now to one that will be as healthy as I can afford. Ever since September I've been committed to this but now I am really giving it time and attention, reading books right now, and doing lots of very careful shopping at stores in Dayton that I never bought food from regularly until now.

This afternoon I made my own sesame Tahini. It is pretty good. Now I am going to make Hummus.

As for foraging, I checked the big cattail fields near Research Boulevard today. That freak almost July-like heat that Ohio had in March really screwed up the season for the cattails. Normally right now would be the peak time to collect the pollen tails, but they were long gone, and the plants looked like they normally do at the end of the summer!

I am still frightened when I think about what that March weather says about the future. I listened to interviews on Radio EdoShock yesterday where weather experts summarized the unbelievable facts about that long heat wave...Some cities actually had LOW temperatures that broke the previous HIGH records. Some not only blew away the previous all-time records for March, but also for April, even though this happened in the MIDDLE of March! Many stations exceeded the previous records by over thirty degrees, and one station in Nova Scotia exceeeded the previous record by 33 degrees! It is just a matter of time until such a bizarre thing occurs in July instead of March. From what I have read, this will be unbelievably deadly. (All humans not in air conditioning on these days will probably die, and there will be huge dieoff of other mammals.)

I hate writing such gloomy stuff here, but it is what I think about because it is so immediate and real, not fifty years in the future. To blot it out because it is so depressing is insane. This should be the biggest news story since 9-11 because of the danger it implies, but the news media is afraid to go there.