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04 June 2012 @ 09:50 am
life is good as Spring becomes Summer  
My goal of living a very simple life and focusing on what really matters in life is now reality.

This means there is much less to write about obviously.

The weather in Dayton has been wonderful although a bit dry.

Most days I go out fairly early on my bike or on foot with my phone, android, and internet connection and whatever book I am reading in my backpack. Usually I bring about a pint of water. When it is hot I head for my "secret" beach on the Stillwater River near the biketrail where I swim for the exercise and the relief from the heat.

I try to focus my thoughts on my friends, family and others rather than on myself. I have this luxury because my own life has become so calm and gloriously uneventful, as I always wanted it to.

I am doing more reading now than ever before, not just of books but of informative websites. I also listen to many podcasts.

As for my own body and mind, I am most focused now on optimizing the healthiness of my diet. Every day I buy several servings of fresh greens, usually kale, and a few servings of fresh fruit. I buy local organic as often as possible. The downtown farmers markets are open four days a week so I just make this shopping a part of my biking or walking. The other three days I take the car down to Dorothy Lane Market in Oakwood or just south of there to Krogers, Trader Joes, or the health food store.

I love living downtown here. I can go so far in so many directions on all the bike trails that converge at Riverscape and I can safely walk through the shady streets in all the historic districts that encircle downtown. Some days I am out wandering until dusk, Since the summer solstice is approaching, this makes for some long, beautiful outings.

When I get together with others now I have the time and energy for this important part of living, which might be the best thing of all about being "retired".