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26 July 2012 @ 04:06 pm
a rough July  
It's been almost a month since I wrote here last when I talked about the heat wave just starting. The drought part of it has been getting better in the end of July. There is some evidence the heat part of it may be gradually starting to moderate too, so maybe August will be better than July. That first ten days was definitely the worst, when it reached 102 3 days, 99 one day, 98 two days, and 96 two days. The other two days it was 91 and 93. Since then, the worst day was 99, and we've even had five days where the high was between 76 and 85.

I've felt very tired since the heat wave started. It got so bad that I decided to read two books about thyroid, and I had a basic, low-cost thyroid test done, which is easy because the medical lab is just down the street. The thyroid test indicated no problem there.

But the tiredness persisted, and I was convinced it is much more than just adjusting to the heat and the boredom of not being able to be doing all the active outdoor things I enjoy because it was so hot.

I now have this theory about what was happening to me: My adrenal glands were becoming very exhausted again. In recent years, I've come to believe this was my problem between 1977 and 1984, those long horrible years that spanned most of my twenties when I was like a zhombie and I still dont know how I ever endured them.

Back then, there was so much less knowledge about adrenal fatigue. It is totally different now. In fact, I even found a new book about bladder problems that I just read and returned to the library that basically argued that my recent bladder issues are probably caused by weak adrenal function.

All my life I've been plagued by a vicious cycle of allergy flare ups straining my adrenals which makes the allergies even worse which further stresses the adrenals until they are completely unable to produce cortisol.

There are new cortisol tests that weren't around during those awful years thirty years ago. They are somewhat expensive though. Maybe if Obamacare survives I will be eligible in a couple years for health insurance that doesn't cost me a fortune. Then, I'll get the new tests and prove that I'm right about what my problem is.

I am not really sure why my adrenals crapped out on me in July of 2012. Maybe that severe cold I caught the minute I got back to Ohio from Florida in early May overtaxed them. The symptoms never really went away completely until the end of June, so there were many weeks of continuous immune response, which is awful for the adrenals, just like the prolonged pollen allergy assualts I've suffered through every year of my life.

The good news is, like I said, there are now doctors who have studied this situation and have been helping people with it since the nineties. Two of them have websites that I discovered in July. I am going to try to get their books because I found their websites very useful.

Both of them recommend vitamins to help the adrenals survive better or to get better after they've become exhausted.

Today, for the very first time, instead of just a multivitamin, I took the additional amounts of Vitamin C, B5, magnesium, and Vitamin E that one of the doctors recommended.

It may be just the placebo effect, but I feel better today than I have since June. Also, It just rained again and cooled off, and more is coming this afternoon and tonight. Maybe things are looking up now.