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26 September 2012 @ 10:53 am
urge to be writing again  
It's been two months since I wrote anything here. Wow!
Like I've mentioned, though, my life is nice and simple now, and I use Facebook sometimes. And it was summer, which is always the time I do the least writing.

The rest of the summer since I last wrote was nice. August was slightly cooler than normal and September was considerably cooler than normal and the rain frequency became normal so everything is very green again now in this first week of Fall.

I gave some some samples to a lab in early August and the results say that my adrenal glands were weak at that time. So, I continued to change my diet and haven't had any more bouts of deep fatigue.

Almost every day now I feel an urge to write again, so I'm glad I started doing it again here this morning. It is still the best way I know to sort out my thoughts.

I also just put another entry on my blog. I started writing it in late August and updated it and then finished it. I called it "what early retirement feels like now that I am into it".