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20 March 2013 @ 03:13 pm
This is the longest I ever went without writing here since I started this online journal in the Fall of 2006.

I still want to say things here on a regular basis even though so much has changed and so much is changing, especially since 2010 when my life became so much more unstructured.

When I started this journal, Facebook was not well known, and there was no reason to believe it would turn into what it is now.

It is still evolving. And for me it can even function like a journal if I use it a certain way. I like it mainly because it is like a journal for everyoe else. When I started writing online in a journal, I felt alone because nobody else did. Now, lots of people I know sorta do the same thing.

Also, it functions for me as a kind of notebook to go back and review, so that when I finally add an entry here after a long stretch like now, everything that happened is already recorded. I just need to go over it and summarize it in this journal then.

I decided Facebook will never replace this journal for me. There are many reasons for this, too many to list.

Whether it's done in Livejournal or not, I need a chronology of my life, because the meaning of life to me is making existence better and with less suffering for all people and animals, beginning by making sure I myself am not suffering so that I have attention and energy to help others. If I learn important things about how to do this but do not properly record what I've learned, I can't review those lessons to accurately repeat them. For example, the rebuild of my solar boat in Florida, which I just finished, would have been less successful if I did not have lots of recorded observations here in my journal made while I was building the original boat. Those were very useful. If all that had only been written on Facebook, it might be gone now, and it definitely would have been harder to review.

Another recent issue has been the fact that Livejournal messed up the archives for photographs stored on their site. I had hundreds of these. They suddenly became completely disorganized when the company changed the interface without asking users first.

I created my own html index page to fix this, so now I can move on and forget about that worry.