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21 January 2007 @ 03:10 pm
Reed fence instead of wood  
My life now is very focused on learning new ideas for simplicity, saving energy, and saving money. A related theme is making any property I own or will own attractive.

If I add fences anywhere, I think I'm interested in what I saw at Home Depot last week.

I checked and no other place, including the internet, sells this exact really cheap product.

It is called "reed fence" and comes as 6-foot width rolls of 16-foot length. It will provide full privacy.

The cost is $24 per roll. This makes it half the cost of the cheapest wood fence. And, the rolls can be bought and put in even a small hatchback whereas wood fence must be delivered in a truck.

The other thing I learned last week is why I like pea soup but dislike canned and frozen peas.

The latter are called "green peas" and are a species grown to be picked when they are immature. They provide very little food energy (calories).

The peas I like however are "field peas" to be eaten like beans and lentils.

Since I am so interested in energy in vs. energy out for the things I investigate, my planning for future gardening is dominated by consideration of how many food calories I will get for the time and human energy I put into a crop and in how much cooking heat must be put into grains or legumes to make them soft enough to eat.

The field peas are a big winner in both those respects.

I hope to hear this week sometime if the VA accepted the offer I made on the little house in Miamisburg. They don't seem very motivated or efficient so I may have to be patient for an answer.

This morning we got our first real snow this winter, about 2-1/2 inches. But, yesterday was bright and gorgeous although cold. That was good because I've been very restless even though I hiked after work Thursday and Friday. Yesterday, I took a long hike beside Seven Mile Creek from next to the garage in Camden. Then I went on a long bike journey along the flat, straight farm roads northeast of Camden. This is vast, treeless, rich-soiled farm country with no sprawl houses at all. So, this was a very enjoyable ride.