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23 January 2007 @ 04:11 pm
another housing idea  
Today I learned that my offer on the little house along the bike trail in Miamisburg was too low to be immediately accepted but was submitted to the next level for consideration by the VA.

But I discovered another idea that could work for me if they don't accept my offer.

This is a beautiful condominium building in the nicest part of Dayton (Oakwood). It is on Far Hills Avenue about two miles south of downtown Dayton. I have always admired this building, in a very urban neighborhood on the trolley bus line and close to libraries, shops, large parks, and also fairly close to Carillon Park, the bike trail system and the river:

I never knew it was condo rather than apartments and I never dreamed it was affordable for someone as tightwad as I am now.

But, there is a 2nd story studio unit for sale there at an excellent price. And, the money would be investment rather than rent. It includes a heated garage space too. The other fees I'd have to pay there (taxes and condo fee that includes all utilities) would only be about 2/3 of what it cost me for total rents and utilities when I lived in downtown Dayton last year. And, this condo in downtown Oakwood is two miles closer to my job than the apartment in downtown Dayton was.