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25 January 2007 @ 05:18 pm
headed back downtown (a deal I couldn't pass up)  
Today I reached a deal and am purchasing a nice 4th-floor 540 square-foot penthouse studio condo in downtown Dayton.

I realize all of this has been somewhat crazy, ever since it began in September.

I just left downtown on Halloween and now I say I am moving back.

It's also somewhat crazy because the word "condo" was never even part of my vocabulary until this week. I should have investigated this option sooner and learned how cheap a condo can be if a really small, simple one can be found.

Just like the other two real estate purchases I made since July, this one was as cheap as some people pay for a used car and I think the value for me is exceptional.

And, my only fixed monthly condo fee expenses will be my 4.5% share (based on square footage) of the 15-unit building's gas boiler fuel bills and of the building's sewer/water, insurance, and maintainence costs. This all currently totals only $115.

As I said recently, my garage out in Camden is very nice but it is too far west of everything for it to be all I have here in Dayton.

It will be a great country get-away and place for a big garden and a place to work on my cars, etc.

Now, about this condo:

It's just a few doors north of the Dayton Art Institute in Grafton Hill Historic District, with windows facing south toward the center of downtown. So, I can keep the DP&L shut off and put my solar panels near one of the windows to charge my batteries while I'm at work for electricity, since I've been prospering with just solar power in Camden. It has an inside stairway entrance on the front of the building and an outside (private) entrance on the south via the balconies connected by stairways. It is next to little McKinley Park which is adjacent to the river and the bike trail system. A stop for RTA bus 12 is right next to the building.

It's 11 miles from my job again just like 6th and Brown was, but it's so much cheaper than anything close (like that house in Miamisburg) and my monthly and annual expenses will be so low that it makes up for this.