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28 January 2007 @ 12:00 pm
Probably back on RTA too  
I just put another new entry up that is an essay I will have a link for (to the right).

It dealt with what is a theme of my life now -living in a nation where the things I value are not valued.

Mass transit is one of these and the contempt for it in downtown Dayton drove me out.

It looks like I'm returning downtown even though I don't support the people running downtown, simply because money demands it. (It's too affordable for me not to go back.)

And, this new condo situation has important differences from my life in the Oregon District in 2005 and 2006.

The contempt for the busses is a white thing, and the Oregon District was a white neighborhood. And it got really ugly for me when they also started attacking the Greyhound station which is in the (white) Oregon district. The Greyhound will probably get killed because the people who use it (blacks) have no power to defend it because it's not in their neighborhood.

But for RTA, things aren't that simple; there are heavily-used routes that can and will be defended even if the downtowners trash the rest of the bus network.

Route 12 north is such a route, with busses every fifteen minutes all day weekdays and every thirty all day weekends and nights.

And the express route to Miamisburg where I work, X5, is also heavily used and will probably never be killed off.

The condo I am buying is directly at a major route 12 stop, and routes 12 and X5 are well-coordinated because they're both major.

The monthly RTA pass is about to go up to $35.

Even though I have a 40+ mpg Geo Metro, it would still cost me about $30 for gas per month plus about $20 per month for wear and tear to go to work and back in it every day from the condo.

And, I would not only save $15 per month by taking the RTA instead, I'd once again get to have the social advantages of riding a bus instead of rolling along by myself in a little box and having to think about the road instead of talking to friends or reading.

And, the commute time is not a factor because it would be about the same for the two modes.

So, it's looking more and more like I'm about to return not just to downtown, but to the busses.

But, after this wonderful and very educational three months away, I know a lot more about all kinds of important things, and I'll be in a situation more economically ideal and much less vulnerable to threats by class and race politics.