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04 February 2007 @ 09:07 pm
serious wind damage in Camden  
It is about 8:30 Sunday night.

I just got back from Columbus and discovered my solar panels tossed by the wind out into the field with the wires yanked out.

Also, my greenhouse had a panel ripped out, which I recovered and can probably put back.

I am angry at the weather men for failing to predict gusts over 40 mph.

This had to be done by winds of closer to 60 mph!

If I would have known this was possible, I would have cancelled my trip to Columbus and made preparations for the wind so this damage would not have happened.

I'm very bothered by this kind of weather anyway, and had to help a stranded motorist tonight near Gratis whose car broke down and needed a ride home.

At least I have not frozen to death (yet)!

But I'm really depressed right now about the solar panels and have no idea how I am going to get wires re-attached to them because they were sheared off cleanly with nothing left to solder to.